id like to thank not only god but also jesus

akasuna no sasori: *looks at a picture of sakura h.aruno* *gets feefees*


The next logical step I suppose


greetings from au hell


a reminder to please please please let me know if i’ve been gross or something because forreal

the struggle to unlearn shit is real as fuck and i make mistakes

i’m not perfect and i still do gross shit and i’m working on being a better person and creating safe places for people

i see so many posts that are like “ahhh a friend of mine did something gross and i don’t know how to tell them” like if i’m ever that person please let me know


i have an important character design edit to submit to studio pierrot and masashi kishimoto for naruto: the last?

Ino’s description reads; "She became an alluring beauty! 
With her spicy expression, her sexiness is multiplied!
Her hair that was a ponytail is now let down.”

yeah i have a better idea

Sasuke’s description reads; "He became an alluring beauty!
With his spicy expression you get the idea

Ino’s description reads; "She took over her father’s position in the Intelligence Unit instead of this fresh bullshit"

is there a reason why you write it as "s*asosaku" or is it just. like when people say "what the H*CK" or things like that

if you search for a tag on mobile you get to see all the posts that mention this tag even if they didn’t tag it, so separating or modifying a tag prevents it!! I use this method on twitter too bc lbr I have way too many posts in the tags from being overly active and I don’t think people who visit the tags want to see all of my shit posting and mediocre art the entire time lmfao so it’s a way….to censor myself really…..hope that’s understandable for you jas



UMuumumum i don’t really have any problems with the ship so much as how people make it appear to be??? you get what i mean???

like if someone makes sasori a controlling asshole and sakura some weak girl who can’t handle herself and consistently bends to sasori’s will, I will fly through this computer screen and stick pencils up their nostrils how dare they. seriously we all know sasori would straight up support and admire and appreciate sakura get your crusty ass gender roles out of her you overgrown nipple and sakura would provide empathy and comfort that sasori needs and he would improve her self-esteem a lot why would anyone try to turn this ship into something gross and unhealthy pls gtfo of here

ALSO when people try to question why i ship sasosaku instead of some other ship and are like “….. lol yeah but he’s dead?????!!1!!11” 


like???? omg really??? lol i totally didn’t know that!!! (obviously I knew that shitstain now back the fuck up)

yeah but sasosaku is v cool but some shippers make me hate it with their nasty ass portrayals of it pls love yourself

PREACH blatant heteronormativity in this ship makes me really uncomfortable because people like to think that sasori would want to dominate everyone and everything and sakura being put into the position of a submissive woman is just a blatant disrespect to her character and if also really really really problematic for several reasons please get that shit out my lane son

the fact THAT sasori would appreciate and admire her is what makes this ship so great because sakura doesn’t need someone who constantly belittles her she needs someone on HER level that is willing to put her on a pedestral while also challenging her 

the mutual healing is also something that people like to overlook and it’s just so sad because mutual healing is one of the best tropes and the fact that it works with these two but isn’t used at all when it was basically canon…..just why……

wow i didn’t know people actually use these arguments to counter this ship that’s just some weak ass excuse lmfao

The Last designs of all the Naruto ladies (i like that they are pretty.... but I just really wanted naruto ladies who look badass and wear practical but cool stuff and are BUFF and look like they will rip out your heart while smiling)

THANK YOU i’ve been wanting to complain about this all day

notice how the descriptions for ALL of them don’t go past “look how they’ve become prettier and more gentle” whereas the boys all got fitting descriptions that didn’t reduce them to becoming more handsome?? because it’s fucking true

it’s nice that kishi wanted to make all of them a bit more feminine, i actually was pretty happy about sakura’s design when it came out seeing as it was the first one but then tenten and temari were released and i just??? so you’re making this a pattern for every naruto girl huh…

i am especially miffed about tenten’s and ino’s designs. tenten’s tomboyish nature was completely thrown out of the window for generic deadvsalive chinese girl and it isn’t really?? justify-able at all?? i personally thought her boyish nature was her CHARM just like ino’s feminity and i thought it made her pretty unique and fit in well with the rest of team gai and im just so upset that this isn’t reflected in her design anymore ;_;;;; i also think that it’s more on the fanservice-y side than actually being practical because we all remember that hinata pretty much wore the same in the road to sakura filler to contrast her shy nature

ino oh my god INO im so mad her design BARELY got any improvements and her hair has this typical motherhood kushina style hell eveN KUSHINA HAD IT TIED UP IN HER JOUNIN GEAR. also notice how ino looks way way wAY too much like her meek passive road to ninja counterpart i hope it’s just a silly coincidence. it makes me sad that she didn’t pick up anything from her father because that would have been so great…….at least the jacket bc come on………….

tl;dr i refuse to accept these and im TERRIFIED for hinata and the role she might play in this movie because im fucking TIRED of this heteronormativity bullshit 

inb4 my ino design was and will always be the better one


i hope i could get my point across because this just makes me really mad and it’s hard to put into words…..

what do you hate about CHOCOLATE?

YEAH WELL A LOT ACTUALLY chocolate is the candy i get tired of the most because it’s just……..too much cocoa and milk……..for my tiny puny self to handle.

i can barely eat chocolate only when i haven’t eaten it in like weeks………

sorbet > chocolate ice cream 

you’re welcome bailey